'In a complex, chaotic and uncertain world we need SPACE to gain the clarity.'

In a complex, chaotic and uncertain world we need SPACE to gain the clarity and groundedness to realize our own potential, and live a fulfilled life.

We need the Space to see new Perspectives, so we can Align and adjust our core Creative powers and step into the true authentic Expression of ourselves.

It is easy and common that the demands of our modern-day-always-connected life make us feel like we are on a hamster wheel of perpetual motion and yet not going anywhere.

For some they have obtained a certain level of wealth and status and wonder why the expected fulfilment hasn’t materialised, and wonder “Is This It?”, whist others frantically juggle to hold things together and always find there is too much month at the end of the money.

There is little point in following the certainty salesmen and self-professed gurus to show you the way to follow the exact same steps of their proven path – for you are not them, and will never become them.  You are you, and no one else.

As a starting point tap into your bodily sensations – where is the tension and pain?  What is it telling you?  Scan the persistent thoughts that govern your your outlook, attitudes and behaviours.  Notice what emotions drive you and how often they get triggered by other people and events.  And then your inner flame, your core spirit that soul essence at the core of you – have you remembered it’s there?

What if you developed your awareness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of you and learnt to become the conductor of the symphony you play?  Would you choose to play a different tune?

In his keynote talk “All-round success” inspires us to notice more of ourselves, and in particular how tapping into our spirit, and how the spirit of enthusiasm has been used to transform the fortunes of business both large and small.