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Never Give up!… Really?

We are told, perseverance pays, never to give up, and it is easy to see why.  But where is the distinction between never giving up and flogging a dead horse?  Life moves on, people change, markets change, and often these changes are gradual over time. In a relationship you can be absolutely at one with…

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Success: Skill or Serendipity?

  It’s very tempting to believe that success is all down to our skills, experience, determination and character, and I’m sure that they have had a strong part to play in your Success.  But what other factors have come into play? Angel investors know that timing of a product or idea to market can have…

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Secrets to Success – Really?

We’ve all seen the blogs, programs and even movies promising to reveal “the secrets to success’ – after all, all we have to do is: Ask, Believe and you’ll surely Receive.  Let’s face it, there are no Secrets to Success, Let’s recap on the fundamental principles we all know but sometimes forget to put into…

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