Never Give up!… Really?

We are told, perseverance pays, never to give up, and it is easy to see why. 

But where is the distinction between never giving up and flogging a dead horse? 

Life moves on, people change, markets change, and often these changes are gradual over time. In a relationship you can be absolutely at one with someone in the early days, but by steering slightly divergent paths you slowly drift apart, by the time you notice it takes a big effort to bring you back together 

It maybe that the gap is too big to bridge. Maybe it is time to move on, and maybe it’s ok that it doesn’t last forever. Live, Learn and move on.

What about in business? Many businesses experience lean times, and especially in the early years perseverance can be the difference between success and failure. 

But what if you’re in too deep? Businesses should generate money and not need endlessly topping up with cash.

Maybe the market has moved, perhaps differences with your co-directors irreconcilable, or simply your overheads are too high, your margins too small, your advertising costs too large. 

If these are fixable problems fix them. If you not, carrying on because you have no plan B, isn’t the best way forward.

Ask yourself if you were starting out afresh with the knowledge of hindsight, all the things you’ve learnt and experienced along the way, what would you do differently?

What would be the good bits you’d keep?

What would you drop and leave behind?  

Taking the perfect mix going forwards, could lead to a whole new lease of life.

Making the switch is easier than you may think and some restructuring advice may make all the difference.