Success: Skill or Serendipity?


It’s very tempting to believe that success is all down to our skills, experience, determination and character, and I’m sure that they have had a strong part to play in your Success. 

But what other factors have come into play? Angel investors know that timing of a product or idea to market can have a far greater influence on success than we strength of the team or the business plan.  Too early to market and it won’t take off as the demand won’t be there, and too late and the the market will have become saturated.

And what of the team that are around you, solely from your smart picking? or has a certain amount of serendipity allowed the right people to assemble at the right place at the right time?

It is difficult, if not verging on the impossible to get the right mix by skill alone, serendipity or luck as others may call it, is certainly part of the mix.

So success needs skill and serendipity to come together.  

The old adage is that luck is the convergence of preparation and opportunity, so what can we do to improve our luck?

Preparedness; we can certainly up our skills, and there is a limitless amount to learn and master, but what if you developed your awareness skills so you are more attuned to opportunity when it comes?

What if you developed your inmate intuitive skills and learn to play with serendipity?

What might your world look like then?